Web Toolbar Design

Login User Order of buttons from left to right 1. Stumble! – The most frequently-used option. 2. Interests – Indicates current mode of stumbling. 3. Like 4. Dislike 5. Share 6. Comment 7. User Label – Four types of labels appear (with their respective icons): Sponsored, [Friend’s Username], [Channel Short Name], [Discoverer’s Username]. The labels

Web Toolbar wireframes

Top three goals of the V5.0 version of web toolbar are: – Streamlined buttons: Make actions clear and understandable for new users. – Sharing panel: Increase the rate of sharing for new users. – Explore Box & Interests panel: Make Explore Box and Interests accessible.

Web toolbar – share

Provide a consistent sharing experience from web toolbars or from the site, with many sharing destinations all available from the same button/link On the left side, below the thumbnail of the current page, the component provides a shortcut to each of the following destinations: Email sharing Sharing to a stumbler It shows different content if