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Web Toolbar wireframes

Top three goals of the V5.0 version of web toolbar are: – Streamlined buttons: Make actions clear and understandable for new users. – Sharing panel: Increase the rate of sharing for new users. – Explore Box & Interests panel: Make Explore Box and Interests accessible.

Home Home for login user I Home for login user II Discover Favorites Add a site in the Favorites Edit review in the my favorites page Favorites_ grid Stumbler User Profile Reviews Edit Review Share Stumbler_suggestion Find Friends Inbox Profile Picture StumbleUpon Recommendation Stumble Badges Discovery Dialog Box

Web toolbar – share

Provide a consistent sharing experience from web toolbars or from the site, with many sharing destinations all available from the same button/link On the left side, below the thumbnail of the current page, the component provides a shortcut to each of the following destinations: Email sharing Sharing to a stumbler It shows different content if

iPad Share

First share: Subsequent times, we show recent contacts first: Upon entering text, the scrollable area contracts to leave room for the keyboard: It is possible to access all contacts: When receiving shares, the shares icon shows up on the menu bar, along with the number of shares ready for viewing


iPad – Share iPad Share UI wire-frame is based on iPad’s default UI component. UI interaction for Share is focused on how user can share the stumbled information with their friends. for visitor StumbleUpon new homepage (link from twitter friends) landing page StumbleUpon web toolbar