Web Toolbar Design

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Order of buttons from left to right
1. Stumble! - The most frequently-used option.
2. Interests - Indicates current mode of stumbling.
3. Like
4. Dislike
5. Share
6. Comment
7. User Label - Four types of labels appear (with their respective icons): Sponsored, [Friend’s Username], [Channel Short Name], [Discoverer’s Username]. The labels can appear in that order.
8. Explore Box
9. Notifications - Menu items: “New Shares”: shows a count of unread shares. “New Messages”: shows a count of latest inbox messages. “New Updates”:
10. Home - Bring user to StumbleUpon home page.
11. Settings - Site pages including the Home page are accessible through this button.


Icon hover state (comment icon)

Clicked (comment icon)


Message Alert